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WHA Concludes With Several Resolutions, Including Pledge To Tackle NCDs

“After seven days of intense discussions, the 66th World Health Assembly (WHA) concluded with agreement on a range of new public health measures and recommendations aimed at securing greater health benefits for all people, everywhere,” a WHO press release reports, noting “24 resolutions and five decisions were adopted by the nearly 2,000 delegates representing the [WHO] Member States” (5/27). Devex summarizes “five takeaways” from the meeting, including the WHO 2014-2015 budget, neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), non-communicable diseases (NCDs), mental health, and leadership priorities (Ravelo, 5/28). BMJ reports on the NCD resolution, writing, “The WHA resolution highlighted the importance of tackling non-communicable diseases by stating that of the 57 million deaths that occurred globally in 2008, an estimated 63 percent were caused by non-communicable diseases.” BMJ adds, “The assembly also agreed that by the end of 2013, WHO would set up a mechanism to coordinate activities and promote engagement on non-communicable diseases on a global scale” (Gulland, 5/29).