Well-Planned Rollout Can Help Ensure Successful Uptake Of Vaccine Programs

Global Health NOW: Safeguard a Vaccine Program with a Well-Planned Rollout
Marian W. Wentworth, president and CEO of Management Sciences for Health

“…[I]ntroducing a vaccine into a country is full of pitfalls, from supply chain failures to public opinion backlash that can permanently derail a rollout. … A well-planned and executed rollout can help countries navigate this potentially perilous process and ensure the success of a vaccine’s uptake. … Based on my experience, here’s what needs to happen. First, good laws and policies help ensure that enough people get a vaccine to make it effective. … Second, political and medical leaders must engage the people that the vaccine is intended for. … Third, strong health systems are needed to ensure access to the new vaccine and to make sure it is safe, effective, and supported by disease detection and vaccine distribution. … Fourth, committed leadership is essential for successful rollouts. … Fifth, political leaders and health care providers need common, consistent messaging … All of these efforts take coordination and engaged leadership with an unwavering vision and a commitment to doing the right thing. Governments and NGOs … are ready to support leaders with management guidelines and the resources needed to create and sustain health systems and, in turn, provide lifesaving vaccines. … Government and health leaders, over to you. Please prepare well and stand tall to ensure that lifesaving vaccines reach the people who need them…” (7/31).