Wealthy Nations Must Step Up Foreign Aid Funding To End AIDS Epidemic, Geldof Says

News outlets report on musician and philanthropist Bob Geldof’s comments at the 20th International AIDS Conference.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Bob Geldof slams wealthy countries over ‘disgraceful’ lack of HIV funding
“Musician and activist Sir Bob Geldof has called for more foreign aid funding from wealthy countries, including Australia, to defeat the spread of HIV in the developing world…” (Peake, 7/24).

The Guardian: Bob Geldof takes swipe at Australia’s foreign aid cuts
“…In a question-and-answer session at the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, the Irish singer-songwriter, activist, and co-founder of Live Aid said he was dismayed by the refusal of Australian government to invest in foreign aid…” (Davey, 7/24).

Sydney Morning Herald: Bob Geldof slams Australia over cuts to foreign aid
“…His comments come after Australia slowed its ‘official development assistance’ or ODA as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)…” (Medew, 7/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Geldof says Australia aid cuts could have helped HIV battle
“…Geldof told scientists and activists at a global AIDS conference in Melbourne that what they had achieved in the 30 years since the epidemic started was ‘staggeringly brilliant.’ ‘The scandal underlying this is the preposterous reluctance to fund the last mile,’ he said to applause…” (Nguyen, 7/24).