Water 2017 Offers 4 Recommendations For U.S. Global Water Strategy

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s “New Security Beat”: 2017 Is Pivotal for U.S. Leadership on Global Water Security
John Oldfield, CEO of Water 2017, a one-year initiative to encourage the U.S. president and Congress to prioritize water security issues in foreign policies, discusses recommendations for the Global Water Strategy. The U.S. president, acting through USAID, the Department of State, and other federal agencies is required to submit the Global Water Strategy to Congress by October 1, 2017. Oldfield writes, “Water 2017 submitted its recommendations for the Global Water Strategy, consisting of four major priority areas, in November to the Department of State as part of their open call.” These recommendations include “1. Be inclusive during both strategy development and implementation … 2. Focus on effective implementation … 3. Strengthen the Interagency Water Working Group … 4. Prioritize prevention” (1/5).