Wall Street Journal Examines Ebola In Liberia; In Interview, President Johnson Sirleaf Says ‘We Are Going To Beat Ebola’

Wall Street Journal: New Challenges Emerge as Liberia Makes Gains Against Ebola
“…[E]radicating Ebola is proving more difficult, raising the prospect of the disease becoming a permanent fixture here. To keep that from happening, [President Ellen] Johnson Sirleaf and her international partners are mounting a high-stakes mission to pursue the hemorrhagic fever deep into the rain forest…” (McGroarty, 12/1).

Wall Street Journal: Liberian President on Ebola Fight: ‘Capacity Is Always an Issue’
“Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke with The Wall Street Journal on Nov. 26 about the evolving response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. This transcript of the interview has been edited for brevity. … ‘We are going to beat Ebola. What is our challenge is to get the economy functioning again’…” (12/1).