Vitamin A Supplementation Effective Way To Prevent Avoidable Blindness In Children

Huffington Post: Let’s recognize the Impact of Vitamin A on World Sight Day
Marion Roche, technical adviser at Micronutrient Initiative

“…The most efficient way to administer [Vitamin A] doses is in capsule form, distributed by health workers around the world. … Protecting a child’s sight in this way is not only simple, it’s inexpensive. It costs about two cents to manufacture a vitamin A capsule. The Micronutrient Initiative procures about 500 million capsules each year, meeting about 75 percent of the world’s need for high-strength vitamin A supplements. The return on that investment is huge. It’s estimated that every dollar spent generates about $17 through reduced health expenditure and increased productivity. We still have much more work to do. But World Sight Day provides an opportunity to use the progress we’ve made as inspiration to keep pushing toward that goal of stopping avoidable blindness for all children, everywhere” (10/7).