Venezuela’s Guaido Says 1st Shipment Of Humanitarian Aid Delivered To Country, Provides Few Details

Reuters: Venezuela opposition delivers first cargo of humanitarian aid: Guaido
“Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, said on Monday his team had delivered a first cargo of the humanitarian aid that has become a flashpoint in his tussle with President Nicolas Maduro, without specifying how it had received it. Guaido, who has been recognized by most Western nations as Venezuela’s legitimate president over the past month, tweeted a photo of himself surrounded by stacks of white pots of vitamin and nutritional supplements. He did not say from where or whom they came…” (Cambero/Marsh, 2/11).

VOA News: Guaido Calls Blockade of Aid for Venezuela a ‘Crime Against Humanity’
“Juan Guaido, recognized by the United States and some 50 other countries as the interim President of Venezuela, warned the military on Sunday that preventing the entry of humanitarian aid into Venezuela is a ‘crime against humanity’ and makes them ‘almost genocidal.’ … Shipments of U.S. food, medicine, and humanitarian aid are on the Colombian side, with a tanker and two large trucks sitting in the middle of the bridge. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the soldiers to prevent the aid from crossing the border. Maduro has said the U.S. help is part of a plot to overthrow his government and said Venezuela doesn’t need it…” (2/11).