Venezuela’s Doctors Protest WHO’s Lack Of Attention To Poor State Of Health Systems; Nation’s Economic Crisis Increasing Hunger Among Families

Al Jazeera: Venezuelan families scavenge for food to survive hunger
“As the economic and political crisis deepens in Venezuela, so do the levels of hunger. A survey by a top university found the average Venezuelan has lost nine kilograms in the past year. Many families are now forced to scavenge for food in what was once South America’s richest country…” (Newman, 9/25).

Reuters: Venezuela doctors in protest urge stronger WHO stance on health crisis
“Venezuela’s doctors, fed up with what they called the World Health Organization’s passive attitude toward the country’s deep medical crisis, protested at the agency’s Caracas office on Monday to demand more pressure on the government and additional assistance. Venezuela is suffering from a roughly 85 percent shortage of medicines, decrepit hospital infrastructure, and an exodus of doctors during a brutal recession…” (Ulmer, 9/25).