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USAID’s Shah, Others Discuss Food Security In Google+ Hangout

Writing in the ONE blog, Malaka Gharib, ONE’s social editor, describes a June 3 Google+ Hangout that included USAID Administrator Raj Shah, “ONE’s U.S. Executive Director Tom Hart and a group of ONE members and agriculture policy experts from Feed the Future, GAIN, Thousand Days and Future Fortified.” She writes, “One of the highlights of the Hangout was hearing Administrator Shah talk about how global food security is in fact in America’s best interest.” Shah said, “We know that this [nutrition] is an issue that touches on the economic prospects of countries that will be our trading partners in the future, it touches on our national security in places ranging from Afghanistan to Somalia, where far too many children die of core underlying malnutrition, and most importantly, we know it just touches on our moral consciousness because we cannot live in 2013 knowing that hundreds of millions of children go hungry and that that hunger prevents them from learning in school, from fighting disease, from surviving a simple bout of diarrhea or pneumonia and of building a better future for themselves.” Gharib provides a link to a video of the chat (6/3).