USAID Newsletter Focuses On Advancing Primary Health Care

USAID’s “Global Health News”: Advancing Primary Health Care
USAID’s latest “Global Health News” newsletter focuses on advancing primary health care. In the newsletter’s introduction, Alma Golden, senior deputy assistant administrator in the Bureau for Global Health, writes, “This October, the global community will come together in Astana, Kazakhstan for the 40th anniversary of the Alma Ata ‘Primary Healthcare for All’ conference, and sign a new declaration committing to the advancement of primary health care in current development programs. Since that first Alma Ata conference, USAID and our partners have achieved significant advances in primary health care, enabling hundreds of millions of women, children, and vulnerable populations to access preventive and life-saving health services. We believe that strong primary health care systems pave the way for countries to build healthy families, stable communities, and productive economies, which lead to self-reliance and greater security worldwide…” (September/October 2018).