USAID Blog Calls For Improved TB Diagnosis, Treatment

During the month of May, USAID’s “IMPACTblog” “will be highlighting USAID’s work in global health,” the blog notes, adding, “From May 1-10, we will be featuring the role that science, technology and innovation plays in global health.” In the most recent post in the series, USAID Senior Tuberculosis Media Advisor Ya Diul Mukadi discusses existing diagnostic tools and treatments for tuberculosis (TB), including new developments, and writes, “Despite these promising new tools, we need additional point of care TB diagnosis tools and shorter, less toxic regimens to reduce the treatment time even further and with fewer side effects, which can be debilitating for those on treatment for drug-resistant TB.” He concludes, “The U.S. government will continue working with global leaders, national TB programs, civil society and at community level to support this critical work in the fight against TB” (5/7).