Unite Public, Private Efforts, Funding To Reduce Child Mortality, Achieve AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post: A Model for the Future: Funding the End of Childhood Illness Together
Chip Lyons, president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

“…Gavi, the Global Fund, and UNITAID leverage the strengths of the disparate sectors of the global health community, public and private, to achieve maximum financial and programmatic effect. By combining multiple types of funding, from direct multi-year contributions from governments to private-public partnerships and innovative financial mechanisms, they create a diverse and robust pool of resources to draw from. … By working in concert with national health systems, the long-term sustainability and prioritization of public health efforts is further strengthened. … If we are to reduce [child mortality] and witness the birth of the first AIDS-free generation, our efforts must be united…” (2/25).