UNICEF Warns Of Childhood Vaccination Distribution Bottlenecks; E.U. Warns Against Suspending Immunizations; Antivaccination Protests Grow In U.S.

U.N. News: Vaccine bottlenecks from COVID lockdown put children’s lives at stake: UNICEF
“Help is needed urgently to distribute vaccines worldwide amid dramatic shortages because of COVID-19 restrictions, the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Friday. It has warned that youngsters’ lives ‘are at stake’ owing to the dramatic decline in commercial flights and limited availability of charters…” (5/1).

New York Times: Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests (Bogel-Burroughs, 5/2).

Reuters: E.U. warns against suspension of children vaccination amid coronavirus crisis (Guarascio, 5/4).

VOA: COVID Pandemic Blocking Shipments of Vaccines for Millions of Children (Schlein, 4/2).