UNICEF Releases Report Detailing Violence Against Children

News outlets discuss findings from UNICEF’s recently released report on violence against children.

Agence France-Presse: One in 10 girls sexually abused worldwide: U.N.
“Around 120 million girls around the world, close to one in 10, have been raped or sexually assaulted by the time they turn 20, a new U.N. report has found. Drawing on data from 190 countries, the global report by child welfare agency UNICEF is billed as the largest-ever study of violence against children…” (Wools, 9/5).

New York Times: UNICEF Report Details Endemic Violence Against Children
“One in 10 girls worldwide have been forced into a sexual act, and six in 10 children ages two to 14 are regularly beaten by parents and caregivers, according to a report issued Thursday by the United Nations’ children’s agency, UNICEF…” (Sengupta, 9/4).

U.N. News Centre: Evidence on rampant violence against children ‘compels us to act’ — UNICEF report
“Violence against children is universal — so prevalent and deeply ingrained in societies it is often unseen and accepted as the norm — according to new, unprecedented data presented by the United Nations today…” (9/4).