UNAIDS Reports Improved Access To ARVs Helping More People With HIV Live Longer

“On Wednesday, in the run-up to World Aids Day on December 1, UNAIDS said an estimated 35.3 million people worldwide were living with HIV last year, a slight increase on previous years but a reflection of the higher number of people receiving antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs,” The Guardian reports. “Record numbers of people living in low- and middle-income countries are receiving antiretroviral treatment, and HIV infection rates among children have fallen sharply,” according to the report, the newspaper notes. However, “there were worrying signs that some countries were not on track to meet global targets and commitments, and more funding was required,” the report said, the newspaper adds. “A separate report published by UNAIDS on Wednesday called for better targeting of HIV services in areas with high prevalence rates, which would require better data collection to ensure more effective responses to the disease,” the newspaper writes (Ford, 11/20). IRIN presents highlights from the first report (11/21).