U.S. Soldiers Isolated For Ebola Monitoring After West Africa Mission

News outlets report on the Pentagon’s decision to place American soldiers who served in West Africa under isolation at a U.S. military base in Italy to monitor them for Ebola.

Foreign Policy: Will the Pentagon Split With the White House on Ebola Response?
“As the federal government maintains that quarantines for medical workers possibly exposed to Ebola in West Africa are unnecessary, the Army is monitoring troops working in the region as part of the Pentagon’s response to the crisis ‘in a separate location’ at their home base in Italy…” (Francis, 10/27).

Reuters: U.S. isolates soldiers after Ebola response mission in West Africa
“The U.S. Army has started isolating soldiers returning from an Ebola response mission in West Africa, even though they showed no symptoms of infection and were not believed to have been exposed to the deadly virus, officials said on Monday…” (Stewart et al., 10/27).

USA Today: U.S. soldiers isolated for Ebola screening after Liberia mission
“The commander of U.S. Army Africa is among a dozen soldiers who have been placed in isolation over Ebola concerns at a U.S. military base in Italy after wrapping up a mission to Liberia, the Pentagon said Monday…” (Zoroya/Bacon, 10/27).

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Soldiers Being Monitored for Ebola In Italy
“The first American soldiers to leave Liberia since the onset of the Ebola crisis, including the commanding general of the U.S. Army Africa, are in a controlled monitoring facility in Italy, and all Army soldiers who serve in West Africa will undergo similar monitoring, the Army said on Monday…” (Schwartz, 10/27).