White House Should Take Stand Against Uganda’s NGO Bill To Protect Civil Society Groups

Washington Post: Uganda should scrap its repressive NGO bill
Editorial Board

“…[Recently,] Uganda introduced the NGO Bill of 2015 … [which] requires that organizations ‘not engage in any activity which is … contrary to the dignity of the people of Uganda.’ Such vague language gives the government wide berth to monitor and control the activities of organizations, many of which provide essential services. … [A parliamentary] delay gives the White House an opportunity to stand up for Uganda’s civil society. The Obama administration last year vehemently opposed Uganda’s anti-gay laws, even cutting or redirecting millions in aid and imposing sanctions on the country. But on the NGO bill the White House has remained relatively quiet, despite the fact that the United States is Uganda’s largest bilateral donor, with $750 million going to the country annually. Much of that assistance is implemented through NGOs…” (9/9).