U.S. Should Reconsider Reinstatement, Expansion Of Mexico City Policy, Opinion Piece Says

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Let’s not turn the clock back on reproductive health and rights
Siddharth Chatterjee, U.N. resident coordinator to Kenya

“Enabling women to choose when and whether to have children is pivotal to social and economic development. But efforts to give girls and women access to sexual and reproductive health services now risk being undermined by the U.S. government’s reinstatement and amendments to the Mexico City policy … Human Rights Watch says that women and girls will have less access to contraception, resulting in more unplanned pregnancies and unsafe abortions, increasing maternal deaths in parts of the world where rates are already high. … Studies have shown that women’s reproductive health unlocks a country’s full economic potential. … Let’s stand together on the uplifting annual occasion of International Women’s Day and appeal to the U.S. to show leadership, compassion, and responsibility by reconsidering this [policy]” (3/7).