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U.S. Should Invest Resources In Democracy Building, Good Governance In Africa

Fox News: Melania Trump’s Africa trip could provide the best kind of U.S. outreach
Christopher Harvin, co-founder of Vanguard Africa and partner at Sanitas International

“…[T]here is no better way to help Africa’s next generation — to solidify their aspirations for prosperity and peace — than to focus on democracy building and supporting good governance. … The first lady’s visit to Africa is an opportunity to focus on these and other causes of the crises Africa is grappling with — namely, the lack of democratic foundations and leadership, in addition to its apparent symptoms like the lack of basic services, health care, and quality education. … By focusing efforts and awareness on … the root causes of continued crises across the continent … the United States can help empower the citizens in Africa to take true ownership over their futures and their democratic process. By investing time and resources to building democracy and accountable leadership, the first lady and the Trump administration can realistically contribute to what we all ultimately desire: a brighter, more prosperous and stable future for Africa and for U.S. national interests” (10/3).