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U.S. Should Invest In Efforts To End Preventable Maternal, Child Deaths, Protect Children

Huffington Post: On Capitol Hill: Elevating the Voice of Children
Anne Goddard, president and CEO of ChildFund International

“…Millions of children in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas are confronting unspeakable hardship and daily dangers — physical abuse, inadequate nutrition and care, forced marriages, hazardous work, and so much more. It is vital to their safety and wellbeing that the United States government, together with millions of Americans acting on their own through donations, continue to make programs that serve these children an ongoing priority. … Ending preventable deaths among mothers and children and ensuring that all boys and girls grow up in safe and nurturing environments are dual issues that rise above politics and transcend the lines on a world map that divide us. … While children in rural villages, urban slums, and indigenous communities may not be able to advocate for themselves with the U.S. Congress, rest assured we are working diligently to ensure that their voices and concerns are being heard in our halls of power” (5/12).