U.S. Should Increase Hunger Relief Funds To Africa

New York Daily News: Trump’s bigger Africa problem: He ignores a growing food crisis
William Lambers, author

“President Trump’s vulgar comments about Africa are bad enough. Far more disturbing is his lack of action fighting world hunger, especially that continent’s famine threat. … U.S. leadership is needed to defeat famine, as we did in Europe and Asia after World War II. But Trump last year proposed eliminating the U.S. Food for Peace program, our main tool for fighting world hunger. … Trump also proposed eliminating the McGovern-Dole school lunch program, which feeds children in Africa and other impoverished nations. Trump is not doing what a president should do when a food crisis strikes: increase hunger relief funds. Instead, he talks about funding questionable border walls and nuclear weapons, which we don’t need more of. … The president … needs to start enacting a strategy for peace. It starts with food. The world is watching. We must act and save Africa from famine” (1/17).