U.S. Republicans Should Retake Leadership Role On HIV/AIDS, Opinion Piece Says

The Hill: Republicans should take the lead on HIV/AIDS
Jerri Ann Henry, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans

“…Republicans played a part in [U.S. and global successes against HIV/AIDS], and it would be politically expedient for today’s GOP to reclaim its victories. Despite the prevailing narrative, Republicans don’t have an absent track record on HIV/AIDS. … [Former Republican President George W. Bush created] the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which can be credited with saving more than 16 million lives across the globe. … Republican leadership on HIV/AIDS could spark a watershed reversal in the balance of power on the issue, if for an unorthodox reason. … But achieving this end requires real leadership where governance is required, and deference to HIV/AIDS experts where science must prevail. From a purely political standpoint, President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress should hastily pursue both” (12/13).