U.S. Recognizes World Refugee Day, Remains Committed To Providing Aid To Refugees

U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote”: Recognizing World Refugee Day
Simon Henshaw, acting assistant secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration at the State Department, writes, “The United States commemorates World Refugee Day on June 20th each year to acknowledge the challenges refugees face, commend the humanitarian work being done to help these populations, and encourage a continued global effort to address refugee crises. In his World Refugee Day statement, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson underlines U.S. recognition of ‘the plight of those forced by persecution and war to flee their home countries,’ and ‘the pressing challenges posed by ongoing refugee crises.’ Today, there are over 22 million refugees around the world. The United States and the international community remain committed to providing aid to refugees…” (6/20).