U.S. Presidential Candidates Must Discuss Foreign Aid As Strategy To Improve Global Health, National Security

Devex: Making foreign aid a presidential prerogative
E. Wayne Holden, president and chief executive officer of RTI International

“…Across our nation, there is a growing consensus that in addition to defense, global development and diplomacy are essential components of American national security. In fact, many of the most senior military leaders have emphasized publicly that development strengthens our national interests, fighting the spread of poverty and disease — and ultimately terrorism. And it does so while accounting for just one percent of the U.S. federal budget. The return on that investment is exponential. … I am convinced that as the presidential candidates continue their debates and ponder our most pressing national security concerns, they would be wise to start a meaningful conversation about foreign aid and the ever important area of global health. … We believe that foreign aid investment is not just the right thing to do for the billions of people living in extreme poverty; it’s a strategic investment that’s necessary to keep our nation safe” (12/8).