U.S. Plans For Improved Disease Response; Advocates Question Proposed Cuts To TB Funding

Despite U.S. involvement in improving global disease response through the Global Health Security Agenda, advocates question proposed cuts to TB funding,the Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog writes. The blog reports on discussion during a meeting to plan the next steps of the Global Health Security Agenda about tuberculosis (TB) program funding cuts in the President’s FY 2015 budget request, noting, “‘TB is a major global health public health emergency,’ said Gerald Friedland, MD, of Yale University. ‘Although preventable and curable, it remains among the world’s major killers of young adults, threatens HIV and antiretroviral rollout programs, and saps strength and productivity from nations critical to improved global health and U.S. security,’ he said. ‘To propose cuts in the global TB program is shortsighted and reckless.’…” (Aziz, 3/17).