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U.S. Must Step Up Efforts To Help West African Nations Address Ebola

New York Times: The Sluggish Fight Against Ebola
Editorial Board

“Efforts by the United States, other nations and international organizations to curb the widening epidemic of Ebola in West Africa are falling short — too little help arriving too late. … The United States can do better than this. Even with its increased responsibilities in the Middle East, the Pentagon surely has enough logistical and technical resources to greatly augment aid to the Ebola-stricken countries. The United States offered prompt and vigorous support after an earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010 and a tsunami struck Indonesia in 2004. It needs to do the same now. The main reason to mount an all-out response is humanitarian — to save impoverished people from agonizing illness and death, and fragile societies and economies from destruction…” (9/12).