U.S. Must Increase Capacity For Global Health R&D, Anticipate Global Disease Threats

Washington Post: Why aren’t we producing medications for looming global disease threats?
Mel Spigelman, physician and president and chief executive of TB Alliance

“…[A new Global Health Technologies Coalition] analysis reveals that over the past six years, [U.S.] taxpayer funding for global health research has been stagnant or declining. … Managing health threats through emergency allocations is both ineffective and inefficient — and doesn’t provide the drugs and vaccines that can stop the next unexpected disease outbreak before it starts. … Today, U.S.-led partnerships in health innovation are poised to deliver a treasure trove of new prevention, treatment, and diagnostic tools targeting a wide range of neglected diseases. But lacking sufficient and consistent support, these tools will get stuck in the pipeline and new research initiatives will not start…” (3/26).