U.S. Military’s Role In West African Ebola Efforts Peaks, General Says; MSF’s U.S. Head Calls For Greater Military Role In Region

The Hill: U.S. troops fighting Ebola peak at 2,900
“The leader of the U.S. Africa Command said Wednesday that the number of U.S. troops helping to fight Ebola has likely peaked at 2,900. Gen. David Rodriguez told reporters that the biggest components of the military’s role in West Africa — logistics support and treatment center construction — will start to ‘trail off’ next month…” (Ferris, 12/3).

The Hill: Doctors Without Borders: Military must do more against Ebola outbreak
“The head of Doctors Without Borders’ U.S. branch said Wednesday that the American military must do more than ‘transport cement’ to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Executive Director Sophie Delaunay said in an interview that the armed forces’ current role in West Africa has been ‘insufficient,’ leaving too much of the work to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)…” (Ferris, 12/3).