U.S. Military, Civilians Begin Work In West Africa To Respond To Ebola

News outlets report on the U.S. government’s and NGOs’ responses to the Ebola epidemic at home and in West Africa.

Reuters: U.S. military starts training its Ebola rapid-response team
“As health officials were trying to manage a patient infected with Ebola in New York, U.S. military personnel in Texas were in the first stages of training a new rapid-response team that could head to hospitals the next time an outbreak occurs. The 30-member U.S. Military Ebola Rapid Response Team assembled at the Army’s San Antonio Military Medical Center on Wednesday and consists of five physicians, 20 nurses, and five certified trainers….” (Forsyth, 10/25).

Washington Post: U.S. Ebola fighters head to Africa, but will the military and civilian effort be enough?
“Hundreds of Americans have flown to Liberia in the past few days. Thousands more are on the way. This Ebola corps is a collection of doctors, nurses, scientists, soldiers, aviators, technicians, mechanics, and engineers. Many are volunteers with nonprofit organizations or the government, including uniformed doctors and nurses from the little-known U.S. Public Health Service…” (Achenbach/Sun, 10/25).