U.S. Government Should Commit More Funding, Scientific Research To TB Diagnosis, Treatment

Forbes: World TB Day — How Budget Cuts Threaten Progress In Tuberculosis Globally
Judy Stone, Forbes contributor and infectious disease specialist

“…For the first time in 40+ years, new drugs are being tested in major Phase III clinical trials against MDR (multidrug-resistant) and XDR (extensively drug-resistant) TB. But without pharma and governments stepping up more, it won’t be enough to help most of those in need, given price and access issues. … With Trump’s proposed budget, slashing [funding] from NIH, and vast sums from foreign aid and other services, these trials will likely be victims of his administration’s mistaken priorities. … [T]o have the U.S. government pull back from their important support in this area now would be incredibly short-sighted and misguided. … We have seen what can be accomplished when a concerted effort is made, with sufficient funding, to tackle a major infectious disease. HIV/AIDS has been transformed from a death sentence to being a chronic, but controllable condition. While this success is the result of many different actors, few would argue that PEPFAR, NIAID, and the U.S. government’s significant support for this cause played a large role. … The U.S. government should recall this and commit the same type of sustained funding and scientific effort to control tuberculosis…” (3/24).