U.S., Egyptian Officials Launch Report Documenting Results From USAID Health Assistance In Egypt

U.S. and Egyptian officials on Thursday gathered for the launch of Egypt’s Health and Population Legacy Report, which documents the results of USAID health sector assistance in Egypt, Daily News Egypt reports. U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey highlighted Egypt’s achievements in health care, noting progress in infant mortality rates and a reduction in maternal mortality. Scobey also lauded the country’s infectious disease control program for dramatically reducing the prevalence of schistosomiasis, “a disease which has existed since the Pharaohs.”  

According to the article, “[t]he report describes 10 important achievements in a variety of health-related areas” and “includes lessons learned from Egypt’s successes that benefit other donors and countries” (Abdoun, 5/12). A USAID Egypt press release said, “[t]he report covers a remarkable history of USAID funding, consistent strategic objectives, high-level political support and solid partnerships with Egyptians that have resulted in significant health improvements in Egypt” (5/12).