U.S. Congress, Administration Must Act To Address Climate Change

New York Times: John Kerry: If We Fail on Climate, It Won’t Be Just Trump’s Fault
John Kerry, former U.S. secretary of state

“…People are dying today because of climate change, and many more will die and trillions of dollars of damage to property will occur unless America gets back in the fight. The evidence is hard to miss. … Historic droughts are matched by historic floods. … Infectious diseases are moving into new areas and higher altitudes. Crop yields are down in more than two dozen countries … But this is a mere preview of what’s to come. … Future generations will measure us by whether we acted on facts, not just debated or denied them. The verdict will hang on whether we put in place policies that will drive the development and deployment of clean technologies, re-energize our economies, and tackle global climate change. … Instead of tacitly accepting that inaction is preordained for the remaining two years of the Trump presidency, Congress should send Mr. Trump legislation addressing this crisis. … If we fail, future generations will judge us all as failures, not just this president. They will have no time for excuses. Facts matter. Act on them” (12/13).