U.S. Calls For U.N. Security Council Meeting With Focus On Growing Humanitarian Crisis In Venezuela

Bloomberg: U.S. Shifts Venezuela Strategy at U.N. to Focus on Toll of Crisis
“The U.S. is seeking to highlight the growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela at the United Nations after its earlier bids to call for new elections faced stiff opposition from veto-wielding rivals Russia and China. The U.S. called for the U.N. Security Council to hold a meeting on the deteriorating situation in the Andean nation, according to an official with knowledge of the request. The move came as a new report said that Venezuela requires a full-scale U.N. response to address increasing levels of food insecurity, disease, and shortages of medicine…” (Wainer, 4/4).

Additional coverage of the report and the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is available from the Thomson Reuters Foundation and Washington Post.