5M Somalis Food Insecure, Response Needs Additional Funding, U.N. Says

Agence France-Presse: Five million Somalis now going hungry
“Five million Somalis, or more than two out of five people in the country, do not have enough to eat, the United Nations said Tuesday, calling for extra funds for food aid. The latest figures represent an increase of 300,000 food insecure people since February, said the U.N.’s humanitarian affairs office, OCHA…” (9/20).

TIME: Five Million People in Somalia Do Not Have Enough Food, the U.N. Says
“…The East African nation has long been wracked by violent conflict that has displaced over a million people, and its malnutrition problem has been exacerbated this year by drought conditions that have reportedly lowered crop production by half. In addition, a Somalian Humanitarian Response Plan has only received 32 percent of its desired funding, Peter de Clercq, the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, said in a statement…” (Iyengar, 9/20).