U.N. Reports Examine Trends, Causes Of Maternal Deaths

“New United Nations data show a 45 percent reduction in maternal deaths since 1990,” according to a WHO press release. A new study from the U.N. discusses the steady progress made in estimating deaths and female births, emphasizing the need for accurate data. Another report from the WHO and published in The Lancet Global Health, examines data for the causes of maternal deaths. The report “finds that more than one in four maternal deaths are caused by pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, HIV, malaria, and obesity, whose health impacts can all be aggravated by pregnancy. … ‘Together, the two reports highlight the need to invest in proven solutions, such as quality care for all women during pregnancy and childbirth, and particular care for pregnant women with existing medical conditions,’ says Dr. Flavia Bustreo, assistant director-general of family, women’s and children’s health at WHO…” (5/6).