U.N. Must Settle Debt To Haitian People Over Cholera Epidemic To Regain Credibility, Values

Miami Herald: The U.N. owes Haiti relief from cholera epidemic it introduced
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi, Rigoberta Menchú Tum, and Betty Williams, all Nobel Peace Prize recipients

“Seven years after its soldiers sparked the world’s worst cholera epidemic in Haiti, the United Nations is finally preparing to close its MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission there. As Nobel Peace laureates committed to the U.N.’s ideal of universal human rights, we are deeply concerned that the victims of MINUSTAH’s catastrophic actions remain without justice and reparations, despite U.N. promises to repair the harm it has caused. As the Security Council visits Haiti this week to wind up the mission, it must ensure that the U.N. settles its debt to the Haitian people before MINUSTAH leaves — for their sake, but also for the sake of the United Nations itself, whose legacy in Haiti risks being defined by scandal, and whose credibility and very ideals are on the line. … Only by fulfilling the organization’s true duties and resolving this disaster in Haiti will it be possible to recover the principles and values that give the U.N. reason to exist” (6/21).