U.N. Must Make Ending Cholera In Haiti Matter Of Justice, Not Charity

Huffington Post: U.N. Cholera Plan for Haiti Must Choose Justice Over Charity
Ted Oswald, lawyer, policy analyst, and author, and Katharine Oswald, policy analyst and writer

“…The U.N. must reframe its appeal for funding [to end cholera in Haiti] from one of charity to a matter of justice. The U.N. has an obligation to support Haiti in the cholera elimination effort; overwhelming evidence shows that the U.N. introduced cholera to Haiti in 2010. … Shifting the conversation from charity to justice would force the U.N. to do what people, businesses, and governments throughout the world do all the time — reorganize their priorities to make sure that they comply with their legal obligations. In Haiti, this would put an end to the cholera epidemic…” (2/26).