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U.N. Human Rights Council Takes ‘Bold Step’ In Creating Monitor For LGBT Rights

New York Times: An LGBT Watchdog at the United Nations
Editorial Board

“The United Nations took a bold step this week toward recognizing that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people fighting for equality are pursuing fundamental human rights. Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council narrowly approved a resolution on Thursday to establish a new watchdog for discrimination and violence against LGBT people. … The independent monitor will travel to investigate and report on systemic violence and discrimination against LGBT people. He or she will operate much like United Nations special rapporteurs who monitor issues like violence against women, freedom of religion, and the use of torture. … The United States is not currently on the Human Rights Council, but Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the resolution, saying it ‘reflects the growing global momentum against human rights violations and abuses that LGBT persons continue to face around the world’…” (7/1).