MDGs, Post-2015 Discussions Need More Attention

Devex: MDGs: The U.N.’s best-kept secret
Diana Ohlbaum, senior associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Project on Prosperity and Development, co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network’s Accountability Working Group, and a principal of Turner4D

“… The United Nations is now engaged in discussions with governments and civil society on new goals for social and economic progress beyond 2015. Negotiations may prove difficult as stakeholders confront sensitive issues of conflict and security, democracy and corruption, inclusion and equality. However, regardless of the specific goals agreed upon, the world will be a better place with a common agenda and universal obligations for sustainable development. At a time when so much is going wrong in the world and with no clear answer in sight, the MDGs are a good news story begging to be told” (8/7).