U.N. Demands Closure Of Australia’s Offshore Detention Centers For Refugees, Asylum Seekers After MSF Expelled From Nauru

Devex: MSF staff outline grave dangers to refugees after Nauru halts mental health services
“A day after Médecins Sans Frontières condemned Nauru for halting ‘desperately needed’ mental health services on the island, the government has hit back, accusing the organization of being ‘political activists’ who worked to advance their ‘political agenda’ against Australia’s offshore processing policy for asylum seekers and refugees…” (Ravelo/Cornish, 10/12).

The Guardian: U.N.: ‘health crisis’ demands closure of Australia’s offshore detention centers
“The United Nations has called on Australia to immediately evacuate its offshore detention centers to prevent an unfolding health crisis. Doctors from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) were ejected from Nauru on Wednesday and the U.N. high commissioner for refugees has warned that many asylum seekers who have attempted self-harm or have critical health issues now have no access to medical care…” (Zhou, 10/12).

NPR: Why MSF Had To Stop Offering Mental Health Care To Refugees In Nauru
“…They arrived in Australia by boat, coming from such countries as Iran, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Syria; the government sent them to Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Most of them have been there four years…” (Cohen, 10/12).

Reuters: United Nations urges Australia to evacuate offshore refugees over health crisis
“…The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Friday that more than 1,400 people are still being held on both islands, which have hosted Australia-bound migrants and asylum-seekers since 2013…” (Kelly, 10/13).