U.N. Closing Ebola Emergency Response Center In Ghana; Study Shows West African Strain Not More Virulent

International Business Times: Ebola Update: United Nations Closes Emergency Ebola Response Headquarters In Ghana
“The United Nations is closing its Ebola response headquarters in West Africa as the worst outbreak ever recorded continues to wind down…” (Caulderwood, 6/9).

Los Angeles Times: Cases of Ebola recede in West Africa, but fears of recurrence remain
“…Peter Graaff, head of the U.N. center, said the Ghanaian government played a key role in overcoming the disease by allowing the mission to be established last September in the capital, Accra…” (Dixon, 6/9).

USA TODAY: Study: Ebola virus didn’t mutate into more dangerous strain
“The Ebola virus in West Africa that has killed 11,000 is not more virulent than prior strains as had been feared, according to a study published Tuesday…” (Zoroya, 6/9).