U.N. Agency Statements, Blog Posts Address Various Issues Related To COVID-19 Pandemic

Borgen Magazine: Emergency Funding for COVID-19 Needed on a Global Scale
Sara Olk, writer for the Borgen Project (5/11).

Center for Global Development: Economic Perspectives in Latin America: Navigating the Great Lockdown
Alejandro Fiorito, research assistant at CGD (5/11).

Center for Global Development: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 around the World: Projections of Economic Growth Falling Further, Food Insecurity, and A Round-Up of Other Recent Analysis
David Evans, senior fellow, and Amina Mendez Acosta, research assistant, both with CGD (5/4).

ONE: Where do we go from here on COVID-19 debt relief?
Jorge Rivera, policy manager for Development Finance in Paris, and Sara Harcourt, senior policy director for Development Finance in London, both with ONE (5/11).

U.N.: COVID-19: U.N. counters pandemic-related hate and xenophobia (May 2020).

UNAIDS: UNAIDS ensures continuity of HIV treatment for people living with HIV in Botswana (5/11).

UNAIDS: HIV testing and support for homeless people in Belarus (5/11).

UNAIDS: Dealing with COVID-19 in Cameroon (5/11).

U.N. Environment Programme: UNEP steps up work on zoonotics, protecting environment to reduce pandemic risks (5/11).

UNICEF: UNICEF appeals for $1.6 billion to meet growing needs of children impacted by COVID-19 pandemic (5/11).

WHO: The cost of inaction: COVID-19-related service disruptions could cause hundreds of thousands of extra deaths from HIV (5/11). UNAIDS issued a similar release (5/11).

WHO: Considerations for school-related public health measures in the context of COVID-19 (5/10).

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s “New Security Beat”: COVID-19 Shines Spotlight on Race and Gender Inequities in Healthcare
Deekshita Ramanarayanan, staff intern with the Maternal Health Initiative at the Wilson Center (5/12).