U.K. Development Community Discusses Impacts Of COVID-19 Pandemic, Urges Government To Create Stabilization Fund

Devex: ‘Tough times are ahead’: Observers anticipate drop in U.K. aid budget
“The U.K.’s development community is concerned about the prospect of losing hundreds of millions of pounds from the aid budget as the country’s economy contracts, at the same time as humanitarian and development needs climb. The U.K. — the world’s third-largest bilateral donor — is one of the few countries to legally set its official development assistance budget at a minimum of 0.7% of gross national income, spending £15.2 billion ($18.7 billion) on aid in 2019. The government recently reiterated its commitment to maintaining that percentage, but with the coronavirus crisis halting much of the country’s economic activity, GNI is expected to decrease next year — and with it, the cash value of the 0.7%…” (Worley, 4/24).

The Guardian: Pandemic jeopardizes support for world’s poor as charities lose millions
“Charities are calling on the U.K. government for greater support as they report the loss of millions of pounds as a result of Covid-19. Oxfam said it is losing £5m a month from the closure of its shops alone, while Christian Aid last week said it expected a £6m drop in its funds this financial year. Others said they were still calculating the impact. Bond, the U.K. international development network, wants the government to establish a stabilization fund so organizations can survive and continue to deliver aid to people living in refugee camps or in extreme poverty…” (Lamble, 4/27).