Trump Administration’s Travel Ban Discouraging Some Scientists From Coming To U.S., Traveling Abroad, Reshaping Research Landscape

Nature: How the fallout from Trump’s travel ban is reshaping science
“…Many foreign-born scientists say they are reconsidering plans to work or study in the United States, even though federal courts have indefinitely blocked U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The policy, which Trump signed on 27 January, sought to deny entry to citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days — including those with valid U.S. visas. Some researchers worry that the Trump administration will find a way to reinstate the policy, and perhaps even expand its reach. … The lingering uncertainty over U.S. immigration rules is prompting some scientists to curtail crucial research trips and may dissuade other researchers, students, and entrepreneurs from considering the U.S. as a destination…” (Reardon, 3/2).