Transforming Food Systems Critical To Ending Malnutrition

Devex: Ending malnutrition in all its forms? A decade of opportunity
Francesco Branca, director of nutrition for health and development at the WHO, and Anna Lartey, director of the Nutrition and Food Systems Division at the Food and Agriculture Organization

“…We should transform our food systems … to ensure that all people have access to nutritious food and healthy diets. We should ensure that social protection systems reduce inequalities and give everyone around the world access to healthier diets. We should strengthen our health systems so that everybody has access to essential nutrition services. And we should ensure that women are educated and that schools offer nutritious food to all children. Clearly, many actors need to be involved. … But the effort will, first and foremost, be country-driven, building on existing national plans. Countries must put policies in place that will transform the food and health systems, so that, within a decade, we can all have sustainably produced, fairly traded, nutritious foods on our plates. The U.N. Decade of Action on Nutrition is an unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform lives through better nutrition on a grand scale: We must live up to our individual and collective responsibility to build a more just, healthy, and the sustainable future we want” (9/19).