Tanzania Measles, Rubella Vaccination Campaign Aims To Reach 21M Children

The Guardian: Tanzania aims to reach 21m children in rubella vaccination campaign
James Thornberry, director of Sense International

“…[I]f the Ebola outbreak has taught the world anything it is perhaps that ignoring basic health care — in terms of programs and facilities — can have devastating consequences. That is why a campaign to vaccinate 21 million children against measles and rubella in Tanzania is so important. … The vaccination campaign in Tanzania will have a huge impact on the incidence of rubella in the region. By providing funding, the country’s government has shown a real commitment to eradicating the disease, especially with the decision to add the vaccine to the national immunization program later this year. … Until the rubella vaccine is integrated into all national immunization campaigns so that we can reach every child, the dangers of rubella will remain high for pregnant women and their unborn children” (10/27).