Sweden To Halt Aid For Groups That Agree To Comply With U.S. Mexico City Policy

Newsweek: Donald Trump’s ‘Global Gag Rule’ Will Stop Charities Getting Sexual Health Funding From Sweden
“…[I]n a statement released Tuesday, Carin Jämtin, director general of Sweden’s development agency Sida, said organizations that agree not to promote abortion [to comply with the U.S.’s Mexico City policy] will not be able to receive Swedish funding for sexual and reproductive health care…” (Lowe, 7/11).

Reuters: Swedish aid agency to halt funds for supporters of U.S. anti-abortion ‘gag rule’
“… ‘The American policy is at loggerheads with the Swedish position,’ Sida Director-General Carin Jämtin said. ‘This is about women themselves having the right to decide when, and if, they want to have children and how many they want to have.’ … Sweden has spoken out against the presidential order in the past and earlier this year became one of eight countries to join an initiative to raise millions of dollars to replace shortfalls caused by the U.S. ban…” (Pollard, 7/11).