Sweden Committed To 4 Areas Integral To Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Huffington Post: First Generation to Eradicate Poverty
Isabella Lövin, Sweden’s minister of international development cooperation and climate and deputy prime minister, and Gustav Fridolin, Sweden’s minister for education

“…[T]he world so far has failed to deal with the greatest challenges of our time. The world needs countries that are willing to lead the way toward the fulfillment of the Agenda 2030. We are proud to declare that Sweden is committed to be such a country. Four areas are especially important in fulfilling the agenda: Including youth … Climate … Feminism … Coherence. … We now have 15 years ahead of us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030. We are convinced that it is possible to achieve the goals and to create a better future for us all. But we need to get to work at once, and we need to do it together. We are convinced U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is right: We are the first generation that could end poverty and the last one to limit climate change. Let us jointly rise to that challenge” (6/9).