‘Sustained, Coordinated, Multifront’ Approach Critical To Addressing Antibiotic Resistance

Washington Post: We can’t despair about our antibiotic crisis
Michelle A. Williams, dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

“…Although the antibiotic-resistance problem is complex — spanning the domains of clinical medicine, basic research, economics, and government policy — there is a clear path to reversing the situation. … We must marshal a sustained, coordinated, multifront campaign. Here is one prescription to solve the antibiotic crisis: First, prevent infections whenever possible. … Second, invest far more money in research and development. … Finally, we must reframe the way we think about antibiotic drugs. … Reversing the tide of antibiotic resistance won’t be easy. The issue is similar to climate change in that it seems distant, abstract, and insidious, but is potentially catastrophic for those it affects. Unlike with climate change, however, there are no ‘antibiotic resistance deniers.’ Experts agree that this crisis is solvable with science and with money. The time to act is now” (7/8).