Knowledge, Resources From Polio Eradication Programs Should Be Applied To Measles Efforts

Devex: A no-brainer: How to transition from polio eradication to measles eradication
Steve Cochi, senior adviser to the director of the CDC’s Global Immunization Division

“…[T]ransitioning from eradicating polio to measles is a no-brainer. It is both an opportunity and an obligation that should be taken for compelling reasons, including the close relationship between these two initiatives. … Even though it is hard work to transition, disease elimination programs are not a zero-sum game — successfully repurposing resources and knowledge from polio eradication to measles eradication is a win-win, especially for the world’s children. In short, the end of polio will not be only an incredible achievement in itself, but will open the door to protect the vulnerable from numerous diseases such as measles that kill and injure children. So what are we waiting for? If we do not thoroughly plan and implement actions now to ensure that the legacy of polio eradication is optimized, the only losers will be the world’s children…” (10/13).